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Very builds high-demand digital platforms that solve worthwhile problems. We work with companies that want to disrupt their market, fast — and beat competitors to the punch. From new products to new companies and everything in between, we’ll lead you to a stronger launch.

Make Possible™

Very cares about outcomes as much as we care about solutions. A unique blend of agile and lean principles, our process is grounded in strategy and focused on results. In other words: we're not just building things right; we're building the right things.

We have deep experience in engineering, data science and design. And we have past lives as entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. So we bring expertise in validation, development, and go-to-market strategy for every project, every time.

Our team brings speed and agility to yours. We're nimble, and when you work with us, you're nimble, too. We validate quickly, build in short cycles, and make good decisions, fast. And we're all about teaching you to fish, so as we navigate our process together, you'll learn it and take it with you.

Together, we dream up the solutions that define your future. And then: we make them happen.


Validate a concept

We love a good story. But a credible story? Even better. So we use a proven process to validate your concept before we invest the time, energy, and capital that a build requires. Horse first, cart second.

Together, we'll explore your business model, or Lean Canvas. The goal: to deeply understand your value proposition, evaluate your model, and clarify your immediate and long-term objectives.

Problem solve

We make sure we're solving a problem that actually needs to be solved. Then, we invent realistic, viable paths to a solution — but we also go down rabbit holes and chase unicorns, evaluating what might be possible. Once we land on a final solution, we do so with confidence, knowing we've explored the alternatives.

Identify risks

Every solution rests on a set of assumptions, and some are riskier than others. Of course, risks can be a good thing — but we need to anticipate and understand each and every one. So, before we go any further, we take time to evaluate the assumptions that our solution requires and identify the riskiest ones.

Interview customers

Next, we validate (or invalidate) those assumptions. Together, we build a script and interview target customers, testing your unique value proposition, your proposed solution, and your business model as a whole. Their feedback helps determine feasibility, usability, and desirability of your product.

Design and iterate

While interviews are running, our designers work hard and fast to build an initial prototype for your custom solution. We refine the design and share it with users to get feedback on everything, from look to feel to functionality.

Now we can answer the million-dollar question: to build or not to build? Sometimes, the best path is the one that takes you back to the drawing board. But if your product is validated and you're ready for the next step, you'll have exactly what you need to get started: an incredibly credible story.


Build a product

Big idea? Check. Validation? Check. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and get busy building. Always, we start with planning and prioritizing to make sure we're working within your scope, budget, and timeline. Then it's iterate, launch, repeat — until every objective becomes a real outcome.

We embrace agility

Our approach to product development is a unique blend of lean and agile principles. We believe these are the best practices that lead to the best products. We work in short development cycles and frequent releases, so your software is adapted to user feedback and your business strategy is matched with marketplace shifts. Testing, support, development, and operations are packaged into a single delivery team, for a streamlined process that results in a high-quality product, every time.

Create your roadmap

At Very, the journey is all about the destination. So we use a roadmap to make sure we'll end up in the right place. A roadmap lays the foundation for the work ahead, allowing us to identify scope, set budget parameters, track progress, and prioritize.

Build your release plan

With your roadmap in hand and your budget in mind, we determine the number of releases needed to arrive at your Minimal Marketable Product (MMP). Then, we plan your first release — the product that's launched at the end of an initial six-week build. Typically, the first release is the complete technical foundation for a single feature, and it's built in a way that's easily changed or enhanced in future releases.

Every week, we iterate

Following the six-week initial release, we iterate weekly and release monthly. These four-week cycles involve three basic activities: code refactoring; ongoing experiments and usability testing; and iterative new feature development.

Every month, we launch

We can iterate and launch over and over (and over) again. Sometimes, it's necessary: business processes change or new features come into play. But we're well aware that software development can go on forever — and it can be hard to know when to stop. So we consider every launch a realistic stopping point, which means we deliver a product that's ready to hit the market and thrive.


Augment your team

We see it all the time: you raised series B financing — and now you've got strategic commitments, a platform that needs maintenance, and leadership breathing down your neck. You need velocity, quick. We're here to help.

Our team is your team

Our team is capable, seasoned and agile. We continuously work on new projects and platforms and can augment your resource needs to get you tangible results.

It's all about you — your projects, your tools, your roadmap. We'll support you by supplying highly talented manpower: a pair of our engineers that drops in and works alongside your own, providing as much (or as little) leadership as you like.

Let’s build together

From daily standups to weekly iterations, we'll get your project to the finish line — and your product to the market.